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3 NOV 2020











Buste de Femme au Chapeau
© Succession Picasso, Paris, 2021


Imagine Picasso, 
a new type of immersive exhibition

Imagine Picasso is a new type of immersive exhibition which highlights and celebrates the work of the Modern Art Master : Pablo Picasso.

This artistic experience is the result of a meeting between Annabelle Mauger, pioneer of immersive art, and Rudy Ricciotti, Grand Prix National d’architecture, both fascinated by Picasso. Together, with Julien Baron, they imagine a spectacular scenography, inspired by Picasso’s tender gaze on childhood. The image is projected onto gigantic origami to deconstruct and restructure the work of the Master of Modern Art.

“Educational in substance and moving in form, this exhibition is a way of looking at art with new eyes,” said Androula Michael, the curator specialising in Picasso’s work. “The aim of this immersive exhibition, accessible to all, regardless of age, language, and culture, is to open the space to emotion, dreams and contemplation for everyone, even the youngest visitors.”

Choosing their own route in close proximity to the paintings, visitors can feel the power of Picasso’s work. Each visitor is swept along without noticing the technological innovation that lies behind an exhibition like this.

Imagine Picasso,
a unique cultural project

This artistic approach in Image Totale ©, designed by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, immerses the viewer in the heart of the paintings to explore the details. More than 200 of Picasso’s works are projected in Image Totale © . The works are unleashed from their frames to inhabit the space in a continuous flow.

Plunged into darkness, guided only by the light of the works, everyone experiences the exhibition in a different way. Free to choose their own path, visitors become participants, who can take as long as they like to gaze in any direction and immerse themselves in Picasso’s work.

The projection is accompanied by music from Picasso’s contemporaries, Satie and Ravel, and also contemporary composers. The music enhances the immersive experience and adds a new dimension that opens the way for dreaming and contemplation. Be guided by your eyes and ears and not by what’s in your head.