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@where2go_switzerland- ZURICH
Published on : 03/03/2023
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Truly beautifulšŸ˜
@Georges Nakouzi - ZURICH
Published on : 02/03/2023
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Such a great experience! Picassoā€™s work is magnificent and the way they displayed his work is just incredible! Get your tickets while you can!
@Beatriz Jaggi Google - ZURICH
Published on : 30/03/2023
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Outstanding! !
@cleoeeecola - ZURICHPublished on : 26/03/2023
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Truly a magical experiencešŸ„°
@ameliairaha - SAO PAULOPublished on : 26/03/2023
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Unmissableā€¦ Wonderfulā€¦ It shows all his phases... the cubism and his works and the most important highlighting all his storyā€¦ I loved it...
@lucimaracamachorodrigues - SAO PAULOPublished on : 12/03/2023
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A fun way, even, for children to get to know art in an unusual way.
@rodrigothomazgoogle - SAO PAULOPublished on : 20/03/2023
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I loved the exhibition, I found it incredible to see the works of the genius Picasso with all this interactivity. It's an accessible and fun way to consume the history of art!
@vanessacavalcantigoogle - SAO PAULOPublished on : 22/03/2023
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Unforgettable experience! A mixture of good feelings. I want to come back again, and this time bring my mom with me, she will love it! The exhibition is beautiful. Congratulations!
@_carina_fugler_ - ZURICHPublished on : 25/03/2023
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Amazing immersive exhibition and a must see!šŸ¤©šŸ”„
@martacristinatargon - SAO PAULOPublished on : 25/03/2023
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I went to see it at the Shopping Morumbi and I liked it very much. The projection room, combining images, light and music itā€™s a great Show...I loved it.
@sigridantunes - SAO PAULOPublished on : 28/03/2023
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Wonderful!!!! Love it!!!
@droneexperiencerj - SAO PAULOPublished on : 21/03/2023
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We attended the exhibition, and it was an INCREDIBLE experience!!! An event that reproduces the beautiful career of the artist Pablo Picasso. Congratulations to all involved! Beautiful exhibition! šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»
@brunarecchiagoogle - SAO PAULOPublished on : 27/03/2023
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A powerful, sensorial and exciting experience.
@carol_de_la_rosa_ - MADRIDPublished on : 12/10/2022
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Magical, sensory and immersive.
@cesarisimonadi - ZURICHPublished on : 10/03/2023
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One of the most beautiful events of the year.
@waleskanomura - SAO PAULOPublished on : 10/03/2023
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I loved the exhibition and the light drawing experience
@ana_c_galvao - SAO PAULOPublished on : 20/03/2023
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I visited last week. Spacious space, comfortable, very beautiful exhibition! Very complete. A very complete coffee shop. Fine store, quality products, excellent service! Very thoughtful and polite staff. I highly recommend it. I loved it.
@alligatorgoogle - SAO PAULOPublished on : 28/03/2023
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Beautiful, worth the experience!
@ntarte_tecnologiasyarte - MADRIDPublished on : 12/03/2022
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An incredible experience. It is an exhibition to enjoy, not to go in a hurry, and let yourself be carried away by your senses. Totally recommended.
@divertydoo - MADRIDPublished on : 11/10/2022
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I enjoyed like a child. I was fascinated by the experience.

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