Pablo Picasso
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Pablo Picasso

« Painting is just another way of keeping a diary »


Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga, where he lived until the age of eight when the whole family moved to La Coruna and his father was appointed professor of drawing at the Instituto da Guarda. Picasso took drawing lessons there.






Picasso started drawing at a very early age, possibly thanks to his father. He drew subjects such as Hercules and his club and The Picador, which he painted at the age of eight.

He said he was sad he had never really done any drawings of children and that he had instead taken a lifetime to learn how to paint like one, that is to say freely and without any restrictions.

He easily won a place at art school, first in La Coruna and the in Barcelona where the family moved in 1895 and where he attended classes at La Lonja, but he only stayed for a short time. Very early on, when he was still 15, he took part in the Barcelona Fine Arts and Artistic Industry Exhibition with his work First Communion. In 1897, his work Science and Charity received an honourable mention at the General Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid and won a gold medal at the Provincial Exhibition in Malaga. The same year, he lived brie-fly in Madrid where he attended the San Fernando Academy.

In Barcelona, where he lived from 1895, Picasso became friends with poets, artists and intellectuals from the cabaret circle at the famous cafe Els 4 Gats, where he met Carlos Casagemas and Jaime Sabartés. Picasso exhibited his portaits of this circle of friends. He was now a man in possession of all the artistic know-how herequired to enable him to progress beyond academic techniques.


You will find the rest of Picasso’s biography in the educational space at the exhibition.